Best Time of Year to Wash Windows in Minnesota? Two (or is it Three?) Schools of Thought

When it comes to the best time of year to wash a home’s windows in the Upper Midwest, there seem to be (at least) two schools of thought: School #1: Spring-Summer is best (the most popular view). That’s because that’s when there is the most daylight ” over 15 1/2 hours locally on June 21...
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When “Sunlight” Doesn’t Work

“Sunlight is the best disinfectant.” –Supreme Court Justice Louis D. Brandeis With the Supreme Court’s holding in McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission, No. 12-536 this week, apparently we are well on the way towards no limits on campaign contributions, by any entities, for any office. Yippee! As deplorable as that development is, it’s aggravated by ever-murkier disclosure...
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“Seattle East”

“If you don’t like the weather . . . wait 5 minutes.” –Mark Twain After record-setting March warmth that had locals comparing Twin Cities weather (favorably) to San Diego . . . . the last few weeks feels much more like Seattle. Believe it or not, many Minnesotans (I’m one of them) are more sensitive to sunlight...
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Let the Sunshine In — Literally

Favorite Post-Thanksgiving Chores No, this isn’t a post about needed Wall Street reform. Search “Goldman Sachs” in the upper right corner of this page if you want my thoughts on that subject. This post is literally about washing windows. In Minnesota. In winter (yes, it’s already arrived in this part of the country). Odd Timing?...
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