November 28, 2011

Why Bookkeepers and Realtors Should Have Mandatory Vacations

Realtor R&R Once upon a time — like 25 years ago when I was an auditor and a CPA — one of the requirements for good, internal corporate control at a small entity was that the bookkeeper was required to take at least 2 weeks of annual vacation. The motivation wasn’t the health and well-being...
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Dorsey & Whitney’s “Wizard of Oz”

Not So Subtle Product Service Placement One of the unquestioned highlights of this year’s Thanksgiving — at least for my family — was seeing Dorsey & Whitney’s exquisite production of The Wizard of Oz at the Minneapolis Children’s Theatre. Or was that The Children’s Theater’s production of The Wizard of Oz? Actually, I thought The...
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Let the Sunshine In — Literally

Favorite Post-Thanksgiving Chores No, this isn’t a post about needed Wall Street reform. Search “Goldman Sachs” in the upper right corner of this page if you want my thoughts on that subject. This post is literally about washing windows. In Minnesota. In winter (yes, it’s already arrived in this part of the country). Odd Timing?...
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