Not So Subtle Product Service Placement

One of the unquestioned highlights of this year’s Thanksgiving — at least for my family — was seeing Dorsey & Whitney’s exquisite production of The Wizard of Oz at the Minneapolis Children’s Theatre.

Or was that The Children’s Theater’s production of The Wizard of Oz?

Actually, I thought The Wizard of Oz was by Frank Baum, the author.

The source of the confusion?

This rather ungainly admission ticket:

Children’s Theatre Company
proudly presents
The Wizard of Oz
Sponsored by Dorsey & Whitney LLP

As product placement goes, at least it’s more subtle than “3M Penguins.”

Ad Ambivalence

Yes, yes, I know we Twin Citians should be grateful (thankful) that such a fine local institution exists, in part due to such generous corporate sponsorship (other, equally distinguished local institutions like The Guthrie, Walker, Minneapolis Institute of Arts, and Minnesota Zoo also benefit from such support).

And no doubt ticket prices would be higher without such sponsors.

It’s just that the number of advertising-free venues these days has dwindled to what, zero?  (And I include this blog on that list — just note that several of my “advertisers” are non-profits who I give free space).

About the only time you’re not confronted with ads these days (maybe) is when you’re sleeping . . .

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