stock market swoon

Stock Market Shpilkes**: Why Investors Are Always Disgruntled

Never Mind That Late 2018 Stock Market Swoon “Making money in the stock market is easy: only buy stocks that go up. If they don’t go up, don’t buy ’em.” —-Mark Twain I finally figured out why investing — in the stock market or anywhere else — is so vexing. Because there are only two...
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Stocks Dive, U.S. 10-Year Bond at 1.7%. Coming Soon: 30-year Mortgages @ 3%?

Refinance Redux Scarcely six weeks ago, I noted that stock market turmoil was prompting a flight to safety, which in turn was driving down interest rates and serving up a golden refinancing opportunity. Guess what? After a year-end rally, global stocks are once again swooning — along with interest rates. Bottom line:  if you’re sitting...
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