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“What’s a ‘Brass-ectomy?'”

No, It Doesn’t Hurt What’s a “brass-ectomy?” One local Realtor’s term (not mine) for updating all the cabinetry hardware — usually concentrated in the Kitchen — to give the home a more modern look. For my (and my client’s) money, that’s one of the most cost-effective things Sellers can do to inexpensively increase their home’s...
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Realtor Staging Secret #37

Cheap Way to Lighten a Dark Basement Want to lighten up a dingy, dark basement? Here’s what you should do: One. Empty everything but the washer and dryer (cover them instead). Two. Spray paint everything white. Yup, everything: the floors, the walls, and especially the ceiling. I’ve seen (and recommended) this strategy a number of...
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