March 15, 2012

Twin Cities Real Estate Blog Rankings: How Do They Stack Up?

“I’m (Very Close to) #1!”  “I’m (Very Close to) #1” What are the top Twin Cities real estate blogs as of mid-March, 2012? It depends which search engine(s) you use. Here’s how the majors tally up the hits: Google: 1. Twin Cities Real Estate Blog 2.  City Lakes Real Estate Blog 3. St. Paul Real Estate Blog Bing:...
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Listing Agent Come-on: ‘Seller Will Look at All Offers”

“Make an Offer!  Please!” For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. –Newton’s third law I don’t know about physics, but then I suppose Newton didn’t know about real estate. In real estate, the equivalent to Buyers’ agents who verbally probe for, shall we say, Seller “price flexibility,” are listing agents who troll for showings and offers by intimating...
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“Comp? I Don’t See a Comp!”

Supportive — and Unsupportive — Comp’s In appraiser (and Realtor) lingo, a “supportive” Comp (“Comparable Sold Property”) is one that substantiates the value of the subject property, i.e., the one that the Buyer is seeking to obtain a mortgage on. Ergo, an “unsupportive” Comp is one that  . . . torpedoes the value of the...
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“What’s a ‘Brass-ectomy?'”

No, It Doesn’t Hurt What’s a “brass-ectomy?” One local Realtor’s term (not mine) for updating all the cabinetry hardware — usually concentrated in the Kitchen — to give the home a more modern look. For my (and my client’s) money, that’s one of the most cost-effective things Sellers can do to inexpensively increase their home’s...
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