January 24, 2010

The Equity Sharing Solution to the Fannnie/Freddie Morass

Revisiting “Capped Upside, Unlimited Downside” [Note to Readers: this post originally ran Christmas Week, when it was read by . . . no one. In the wake of Barney Frank’s announced plan to abolish Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, I’m “popping” it to the top of the list.] If you lend someone 97 cents to...
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Realtor Staging Secret #37

Cheap Way to Lighten a Dark Basement Want to lighten up a dingy, dark basement? Here’s what you should do: One. Empty everything but the washer and dryer (cover them instead). Two. Spray paint everything white. Yup, everything: the floors, the walls, and especially the ceiling. I’ve seen (and recommended) this strategy a number of...
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Barney Frank: ‘Pull Plug on Fannie, Freddie’

Dear Barney: Read This! Imagine Ted Kennedy, before he died, admitting that the health care reform bill was a mess and that everyone should start over. Or John McCain saying that campaign finance laws were unworkable, and should be scrapped (actually, the Supreme Court just said that). So it’s big news when Congressman Barney Frank,...
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