St. Louis Park Target

Fall, 2020 Target Shopping List: Milk, Eggs, Loaf of Bread . . . & Tesla Charge

Long Way from “Tar-Zhay´” Not owning a Tesla, I have no idea how fast they (re)charge. But, based on at least one Target — the St. Louis Park store just east of Highway 100 — now having multiple Tesla charging stations (“Superchargers”) in its parking lot, I’m guessing that a 30-minute shop is long enough...
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St. Louis Park (Retail) Showdown

Target vs. Byerly’s There’s an interesting little retail showdown unfolding right now in St. Louis Park, just east of Highway 100. On the south side of 36th St. is a Byerly’s grocery store (the flagship, actually). Directly across the street is a Target (the “regular,” not “Super Target” variety). As the ubiquitous signs alert you,...
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