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“What’s the Point in Seeing What You Can’t Have?” Because . . Just Maybe . . . You Can

Second Bite(s) at the Apple Why see a home that you likely can’t buy? In a nutshell, that sentiment explains why showings plummet once a “For Sale” property is officially under contract. In most cases, the Buyer and Seller are able to resolve any issues that come to light during inspection, and the transaction progresses...
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Listing Agent Code for “Don’t Worry, We Have a Deal” (Even Though the Seller Hasn’t Signed Yet)

Good Faith Gesture:  “Sold, Subject to Inspection” As veteran Realtors (if not their clients) know all too well, it ain’t officially a deal until all parties have signed, and the Purchase Agreement and any Addenda have been delivered to the other party (actually, their agent). Lots of Buyers learn that painful truth each year when,...
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When It Makes Sense to Show Clients a Home That’s Already Sold (“Wait . . . You Can Do That?!?”)

“Sold, Subject to Inspection” Why would an agent show Buyers a home that’s already under contract? Because the clients are (just) learning the market, and their agent is showing them the home for illustrative purposes only — that is, to educate the Buyer about how much/what kind of house can be had at a specific...
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10. The Catch With TNAS (“Temporarily Not Available For Showing”)

Barring the Door . . . to Everyone; 2 Pro’s — & (at Least) 1 Big Con Once upon a time, homes that were under contract, but not yet past inspection, were flagged on MLS with the suffix, “Sold, subject to inspection” (“SSI” for short). Then, that got truncated to just “i” — as in...
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“Sold!” (Just): How to REALLY Find Out the Status of a “For Sale” Home

Stale vs. Fresh Data in a Fast-Moving Market Test your knowledge of residential real estate, and field this question: What is the best way to quickly find out the status of a “For Sale” home? A. Check Zillow or Trulia; B. Look on MLS (assuming you’re a Realtor); C. Look on Realtor.com; D. Request a...
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When Home Sellers Can — and Can’t — Continue to Allow Home Showings

Why Most Buyers Skip Seeing Homes Under Contract But Not Past Inspection For the benefit of home buyers, sellers, and at least a few Realtors, herewith is a key explaining when home showings are still allowed under various MLS statuses (abbreviations in parentheses): “Active” (“A”):   showings allowed (the more, the better!). “Active, Subject to Inspection” (“A,i”):  depends...
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