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“Smart Gum” vs. “Dumb(?) Gum”

“Trying to stem declining gum sales, Mondelez and other gum makers are coming up with formulas that they say convey additional benefits. Trouble sleeping? There is a gum for that. Other new chewing gums purport to boost energy, alleviate headaches and stimulate weight loss.” –“Chew on This: Gum That Promises to Help You Sleep and...
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High Tech Hand-Me-Downs

Once upon a time, “hand-me-down’s” invariably meant clothes or toys. Today, with more technology devices, evolving faster and faster, “hand-me-down” as often as not refers to technology. So, in my family, an older iPod will go from an older child to a younger one; I will get the “latest-and-greatest” smart phone and a year later...
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“Last Person on Earth Without One Capitulates, Buys iPhone” — Onion Headline, Circa 2027

Last Person on Earth Without One Buys iPhone Minneapolis Realtor Ross Kaplan, 67 years old, officially became the last person on earth to purchase an iPhone last Saturday. Leaving the Apple Store at Southdale, Kaplan said “my kids have been bugging me for decades to get one.  In fact, it was one of my grandkids who finally...
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Chickens and Smart Phones

How Much is Apple Worth? “A chicken in every pot.” –early 20th century political campaign ad. “An iPhone in every hand . . . in the world.” –economic reality, 2012 Well, all the folks who feared that Apple would founder (no more f’s, promise) after Steve Jobs’ passing have been proven wrong, big-time:  the company’s stock went...
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Steve Jobs’ Next Invention

Great Minds Think Alike I think I’ve got Steve Jobs’ next invention. It’s portable. It’s disposable. You can write on it. It never crashes or has a weak signal. And it’s very, very cheap. Give up? A piece of paper. Steve, call me . . . P.S.: the foregoing prompted by a week of virus-fighting...
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From Gunslinging to Data Slinging

Still Working on My “Draw” While I break in my new Smart phone, I’m temporarily carrying around my old one, too. So, for the time being, I’ve got smart phones holstered on either hip. Fortunately, whereas gun slingers slow on the draw . . . got killed — I just miss a phone call (Phew!).
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