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“Smart” Home, Dumb Former Owner — & New Minnesota Real Estate Form Language

“Anti-Home Hacking Clause” Added to Minnesota Purchase Agreement Scarcely a month ago, I wrote about the case of a disgruntled Minnesota home Seller who exacted their revenge on their Buyer, post-closing, by remotely hacking into the home’s Nest thermostat (the story is that they waited for the new owner to go on vacation last winter, then...
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Smart Homes: Not So Smart?

The Virtue of a Simple On-Off Switch — and Manual Toothbrushes “Homes already have interfaces that are remarkably robust. Imagine, for example, how revolutionary the light switch would seem if until now we’d all been forced to control our lights through our smartphones.” –“Why I’m Not in a Hurry For a ‘Smart Home'”; The Wall...
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True or False: Buyers Can Safely Waive an Inspection on New Construction

Four Reasons to Inspect No one has a new car professionally inspected before they buy it (though they likely take it for a test drive — or three). Why pay several hundred dollars to inspect a brand-new home? I can think of four reasons: One.  To get a professional’s assessment of construction quality. A good Realtor...
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