September 28, 2012

Housing Market “Red-Shirts”: Class of 2009 (or is that 2012?)

Do They Come Out Ahead? In college football, they’re called “red-shirts”:  promising freshmen who are held back a year — both for more seasoning, and because they’d otherwise use up valuable eligibility serving as an understudy to a star upperclassman. The housing market equivalent? A home that was listed 2-3 years ago when the market was...
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True or False: Buyers Can Safely Waive an Inspection on New Construction

Four Reasons to Inspect No one has a new car professionally inspected before they buy it (though they likely take it for a test drive — or three). Why pay several hundred dollars to inspect a brand-new home? I can think of four reasons: One.  To get a professional’s assessment of construction quality. A good Realtor...
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