August 7, 2015

Selling Art — & Houses! — in Uptown This Weekend

Piggybacking on the Uptown Art Fair If you’re a Realtor listing a home in or near Minneapolis’ Uptown neighborhood, what does this weekend’s art fair represent? Free advertising — and tons of extra foot traffic! Which is why there is sure to be a bumper crop of open houses there this weekend. P.S.:  If you’re interested in...
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“Smart” Home, Dumb Former Owner — & New Minnesota Real Estate Form Language

“Anti-Home Hacking Clause” Added to Minnesota Purchase Agreement Scarcely a month ago, I wrote about the case of a disgruntled Minnesota home Seller who exacted their revenge on their Buyer, post-closing, by remotely hacking into the home’s Nest thermostat (the story is that they waited for the new owner to go on vacation last winter, then...
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“Spin” vs. “Salemanship”

When the Best Defense is a Good Offense Not every “For Sale” home is in “mint, move-in condition” — nor is that a realistic goal for many sellers (be it due to limited time, money, energy, or simply a cold-eyed cost-benefit analysis). When that’s the case, though, getting top dollar for the home hinges on...
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