Past Tense of "Sightsee?"

“Sightsaw?” “Sightseen?” As may or may not be apparent from my posts this week, I’m winding down a (rare) week off — mostly — with my family in Scottsdale. So here’s a quick conundrum: What’s the past tense of “sight-seeing?” “Sight-saw?” “Sight-seen?” Best I can come up with is, “we’ve done a lot of sight-seeing...
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Madoff Musings

Sightseeing in NY City So, how do you spend a week in New York City with a couple kids? The usual: Empire State building, Statue of Liberty, Museum of Natural History, Central Park Zoo, Bernie and Ruth Madoff Penthouse. OK, that last one I added on my own. And as of last week, it’s not...
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