July 6, 2009

Origin of "Retro Look?"

“Distressed” Jeans & Exposed Duct Work In fashion, people are known to pay up for “distressed” jeans and other new clothing made to look used. In real estate, I suppose the equivalent would be leaving duct work, lighting, and other building “plumbing” exposed — features that give modern buildings a “retro” look. Of course, the...
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Ruth Madoff’s Money

“Your Money’s No Good” Once upon a time, the expression, “your money’s no good” was the highest sort of compliment. That’s what the bartender would say to a decorated vet ordering a drink, or the restaurateur to a pillar of the community. Now, it’s what New York City hair salons, restaurants — and, apparently, would-be...
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Madoff Musings

Sightseeing in NY City So, how do you spend a week in New York City with a couple kids? The usual: Empire State building, Statue of Liberty, Museum of Natural History, Central Park Zoo, Bernie and Ruth Madoff Penthouse. OK, that last one I added on my own. And as of last week, it’s not...
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Taleb on Mortgage Crisis

Alternative to “All or Nothing”? Banks should not be sending demands for larger and larger sums from homeowners in arrears on their mortgage. Instead the bank should offer to lower the monthly payments in return for part-ownership. –Nassim Nicholas Taleb Hmm, there’s an idea. Instead of the bank foreclosing on your home if you can’t...
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