Sightseeing in NY City

So, how do you spend a week in New York City with a couple kids?

The usual: Empire State building, Statue of Liberty, Museum of Natural History, Central Park Zoo, Bernie and Ruth Madoff Penthouse.

OK, that last one I added on my own. And as of last week, it’s not theirs anymore — federal marshalls seized it (Good!).

It wasn’t hard to find: the paparazzi in front gave it away.

Never having talked to one, my image of them was of a half-man, half-barracuda. In fact, they were quite amiable — and mostly bored. When I asked one of them why Ruth Madoff would ride the subway, as she had done the previous week to a crush of humiliating publicity, he simply remarked, “stupid.”

So were there any surprises?

Actually, yes.

In the Midwest, the term, “Bernie Madoff’s $7 million penthouse apartment” immediately conjures up images of lavish 5th Avenue digs overlooking Central Park.

In fact, those apartments cost anywhere from $25 million to $50 million (still).

Seven million just buys you a very nice unit, at the top of an undistinguished pre-War building, a block from the 63rd and Lexington subway stop (still a high-rent neighborhood, to be sure).

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