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Showing Instructions, Buyers’ Agents & (Un)Locked Doors

Telling Buyers’ Agents What to Lock — and What NOT To It may be a surprise to home owners, but — at least in my experience as a listing agent (representing Sellers) — it’s exceedingly rare for Buyers’ agents to finish a showing and fail to lock up the home properly. In fact, I’d say...
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Why I Like Restrictive Showing Instructions (to a point)

MLS:  “Seller Requests Minimum of 24 Hours Notice for All Showings” Aren’t unusual showing instructions a pain? That’s especially the case when a busy prospective Buyer — or two of them, if it’s a couple — and their Realtor are trying to see not just 1 home, but 6-8 in a row, perhaps in different...
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Showing Instructions: “Dog Will be in Kennel, Friendly”

His Name Isn’t “Fang,” Is It? I got a chuckle reviewing the showing instructions for a home I’m taking clients through over the weekend. They read:  “Dog will be in kennel in garage, friendly.” So far, so good. The instructions continued, “Do NOT approach kennel or let dog out of kennel.” Ummm . . . OK...
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Cumbersome Showing Instructions, Exhibit A

What, No Security Alarm? “Code to enter the building is *76521. The lockbox is located in the dry cleaning closet which is to your left once you enter the lobby. The code to the closet is 3149#. The lockbox is marked. The code is 8147.” –Excerpt, MLS showing instructions If you’re a Buyer’s agent planning...
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How to Repel Buyers & Discourage Showings, or, “Four Strikes and You’re Out!”

Want to Sell Your House?  Don’t Do This “**Limited showing times** Tuesday and Thursday 5:30-8 PM, Sat 12-6 and Sun 11 AM-2:30 PM. Agents to verify all info. Consult listing agent about closing date. Use Seller’s Disclosure Alternatives.  Subject to Seller completing a 1031 Exchange, Buyer agrees to cooperate.” –Agent Remarks, MLS Want to know...
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Homes That Have Been For Sale FOREVER (and a Day): Potential Buyer Opportunity — or Not?

Long-in-the-Tooth Listings Even in a Seller’s market where listings vanish in the blink of an eye, they’re out there:  homes that have been on the market, through rain and shine, winter and summer, seemingly year after year. What gives? Or perhaps more to the point, is there an opportunity to be had? “Days Years on...
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