March 21, 2017

What’s the Opposite of “Overbought” Stocks? Stocks That Are “Undersold??”

Question #2:  Can Stocks Ever Be “Underbought?” “Some investors have expressed concern that popular trades are overbought, making them vulnerable to a sharp pullback.” –“U.S. Stocks Drop as Investors Unwind Popular Trades”; The Wall Street Journal (3/21/17). Here’s a suggestion for financial journalists:  instead of using meaningless, mumbo jumbo phrases like “stocks fell because they...
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Why I Like Restrictive Showing Instructions (to a point)

MLS:  “Seller Requests Minimum of 24 Hours Notice for All Showings” Aren’t unusual showing instructions a pain? That’s especially the case when a busy prospective Buyer — or two of them, if it’s a couple — and their Realtor are trying to see not just 1 home, but 6-8 in a row, perhaps in different...
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What Do Realtors Borrow From One Another?

“For Sale” Signs, Contractors, and Umbrellas (Umbrellas??) Neighbors — at least once upon a time — used to borrow a cup of sugar from one another. What do Realtors borrow from each other? Far and away, the number #1 request is for Open House signs (typically, the person requesting them is a newer agent who...
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