Sex and the City

Single Men, Taxi’s, and "For Sale" Homes

“Serious” vs. “Non-Serious” Home Sellers Men are like taxis. The theory is that when a man is ready for, or open to, the possibility of a relationship he turns his taxi light on. If you happen to be the girl that hails the cab (him) while the light is on, you’ve got a possibility of...
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"They’re Just Not That Into . . . Your Home"

“The No Feedback” Feedback Unbeknownst to many prospective Buyers, their agents receive emailed “feedback forms” immediately after showing a property. The templates vary, but the general format is to ask for comments regarding the home’s interior condition, exterior condition, curb appeal, staging, and price. Ratings can be either numeric (1-10), or qualitative (“good,” “fair,” “poor,”...
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