“Imagine: A Year Without Commissions”

Ad Targets Investors, Not Realtors (Phew!!) I got a momentary scare looking at the pop-up ad (above), until I realized that the advertiser was mutual fund giant Fidelity, and its target audience was investors, not Realtors. The “commissions” that Fidelity is referring to are the fees investors pay to buy and sell stock, NOT what...
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Lockbox Scare — and Solution; or, “Picking a Good Time for Your Smartkey to Malfunction”

Plans B Thru Z For Getting Into a Listing Earlier this week, I (momentarily) had a big scare when my electronic lockbox failed to update. Due to host a couple dozen agents for an Edina Realty Exceptional Properties lunch, I had visions of a crowd of Realtors milling around outside while I struggled with my...
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