Wall Street Journal: “Rising Interest Rates Threaten U.S. Expansion”

Interest Rates a Double-Sided Coin “Companies are paying the most in nearly a decade for some types of short-term borrowing, the latest threat to the U.S. economic expansion.” –“Climb in Key Rate Pinches Borrowers”; The Wall Street Journal (3/28/2018). Funny, I would have put a different spin on the news that companies — many enjoying record...
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Flushing Savers Out of Their Foxholes

Ben Bernanke, Flame-Thrower In an ideal world, investors would allocate capital to the stock market because the potential returns were attractive. Not because The Federal Reserve had obliterated all the alternatives. Yes, the Fed’s announcement that it would keep interest rates at zero through 2013 arrested the markets’ free fall (and has the added, noxious...
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