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One-Car Tuckunder Garage? No Problem!

Normally, you’d expect a home with only a one-car, tuck-under garage to be steeply discounted. Except in this case, the homes that come with the less-than-ideal garages** are the “Painted Ladies” in San Francisco, a series of Victorian Homes in Alamo Square with spectacular views of the downtown skyline (pictured above). Most recent selling price: $3.1...
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Taking the Housing Market’s Temperature

Key Statistics:  Not Just Price Which statistics are most important for getting a handle on the housing market? Certainly, trailing price changes are important. But, there are various such indices, and the best known ones (like Case-Shiller) track entire metro areas, not individual municipalities (let alone neighborhoods). It’s well and good that the Twin Cities...
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“Rent to Own” Stumbling Blocks

No Standard Terms In theory, “rent-to-own” is a tailor-made strategy for today’s housing market, where lots of would-be Buyers have good cash flow but lousy credit, and lots of Sellers are, well, eager to sell. In practice, however, I’ve seen relatively few of these deals. My guess is that the following factors are responsible: –Although it’s...
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"We Don’t NEED to Sell"

Seller Motivation (and Lack Thereof)Does “not needing to sell” make your house worth more? At least some Sellers seem to think so. Put it this way: You seldom hear a Buyer, in the middle of a negotiation, say, “You know, we don’t NEED to buy.” Yet Sellers, on the other side of the same negotiation,...
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