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Discounting for Work(s) in Progress

Adding a (Big) Margin of Error for Hassle, Unknowns The biggest discount facing home Sellers is for home repairs they’re passing along to the Buyer (euphemistically known as “deferred maintenance”). That’s true whether the repairs are required pursuant to a local point-of-sale inspection — mandatory in 10 municipalities in the Twin Cities — or are simply things...
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(Missing) Links in the Home Prep Chain

Holiday Slowdown & the Domino Effect It may not take a village to get a home prepped for market, but there can be a lot of people — and contractors — involved. You don’t realize how many until one or more are missing. “Not Quite There” — x 1,000(?) So, one home I’m about to list is delayed because...
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A Week of Doctor (and Wife) Ordered R&R*

“Medical Bling” Even Joe DiMaggio eventually had his streak interrupted. So, after a couple years of posting daily (or more often), I’m going to take a one week break. The reason:  I was diagnosed with a blood clot in my lung last Tuesday, and need to take it easy. Like Hillary Clinton, I expect to...
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"As Is" Misconceptions

Realtor, Layman Definitions To home sellers, “As is” usually means that they’re not going to do any updating or staging to get ready for market. So, the dated carpet, scuffed hardwood floors, and out-of-fashion interior paint . . . are going to remain dated, scuffed, and out-of-fashion.All fine, by the way — as long as...
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Are Municipal Inspections a Waste of Time?

Inconsistent Provisions, Fees, Enforcement: A-Not-So Necessary EvilUntil recently, I’ve always defended municipal point-of-sale inspections — required by 14 municipalities locally, including Minneapolis, St. Paul, Bloomington, and St. Louis Park — as a well-intentioned (if annoying and occasionally, expensive) hurdle for home Sellers. Typically, so-called Time of Sale Inspections focus on safety-related concerns such as the...
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