October 13, 2010

You Are . . What You Wait in Line For??

Life Stages It occurred to me, waiting in line the other day, that you’re defined — at least a little bit — by the lines you stand in. Here’s my snapshot of various life stages and the things they go with: Age 15: the new Star Wars movie (or today’s equivalent). Age 40: the new...
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"Did They Really Get $1,500 a Month for That?"

Rentals on MLS One of the quirks of following rentals on MLS — available since Sept. 1 — is that there’s no way to track the difference between what landlords are asking, and what they’re actually accepting. Over on the “for sale” side of MLS, Realtors and appraisers alike know to skip homes that are...
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"As Is" Misconceptions

Realtor, Layman Definitions To home sellers, “As is” usually means that they’re not going to do any updating or staging to get ready for market. So, the dated carpet, scuffed hardwood floors, and out-of-fashion interior paint . . . are going to remain dated, scuffed, and out-of-fashion.All fine, by the way — as long as...
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