Relocating To — and From — the Twin Cities

Crying Twice For whatever reason, I’m working with a disproportionately large number of clients this Spring either moving to the Twin Cities — or relocating elsewhere — for new jobs. Which has given me the opportunity to relate an observation I heard while moving furniture in college a long time ago:  “Minneapolis is the kind...
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Relocating the Laundry (Usually, Up)

The Reason to Put the Laundry (Back) in the Basement I just met a client’s plumber, who quoted the cost to move a basement laundry to the first floor in a “For Sale” home my client is considering. According to the plumber, that’s the direction of the move 90% of the time. The other 10%?...
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“Do You Know Someone Moving to Denver? Refer Me, and Get a Bonus!”

“You Know a Housing Market’s Hot When . . .” I’ll occasionally get marketing pieces from agents active in Scottsdale, Florida, or other warm spots Minnesotans are known to congregate, especially in the (very) cold winter months. But, I don’t recall getting a pitch from someone based in Denver, soliciting referrals, like the one I got...
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Waiting to Do the Walk-thru Inspection — or Not Doing it at All

Moot Unless Something’s Happened to the Home It’s not what I recommend to my Buyer clients, but there are plenty of Buyers who put off doing their walk-thru inspection until just before closing. Like, on the way. At least in theory, the Owner has an ongoing duty to update their Seller’s Disclosure up to and...
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