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How to Pick a Realtor — Criterion #17

Fringe Benefits of Working With a Realtor in it for the Long Haul I doubt it makes many prospective clients’ list of hiring criteria. But it should. I’m thinking about Realtor longevity — specifically, how much longer the Realtor expects to be in the business. Realtor Attrition Why does that matter? Because something like 90%...
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Old Soldiers and Realtors

Old soldiers never die, they just fade away. –General Douglas MacArthur Old Realtors never retire . . .  they just co-list. –Ross Kaplan In “What’s 100% of $0?,” I discussed the various scenarios when co-listing makes sense. Here’s one more:  an older Realtor is winding down their practice, and pulls in a younger associate to handle the...
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