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Real Estate Advice From Former Realtors, Non-Realtors, etc.

Disqualifying Disclaimers Besides selling real estate full-time (and writing the occasional blog post :-)), I also read lots of other people’s articles, advice, etc. on selling real estate. So, it’s always interesting to encounter some variant of the following disclaimer, usually buried near the end of the piece (or omitted altogether):  “when I was selling...
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“Executive” Sales Associate

Is That Different Than the Regular Kind? I drove past a Realtor’s bus bench today which loudly proclaimed the pictured Realtor an “Executive Sales Associate.” What does that mean? Hell if I know. Best guess is that it’s like being a Senior Vice President at a bank. In other words, what everyone except the janitor is....
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“How’d You Get the Listing?”

The Easiest — and Hardest — Way to Get a Listing Realtors get listings any number of ways: –They’re best friends with the owner. –They go to the same church or synagogue (or mosque, or . . . ) –They started chatting about real estate with the owner in line at the grocery. Track Record But...
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