February 23, 2013

Nighttime Shots: Hits & Misses

The Difference Between Night and Day Night Done well, nighttime shots of a “For Sale” home create a sense of emotional appeal if not enchantment. Done poorly . . . well, they fall awfully flat.
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Real Estate Advice From Former Realtors, Non-Realtors, etc.

Disqualifying Disclaimers Besides selling real estate full-time (and writing the occasional blog post :-)), I also read lots of other people’s articles, advice, etc. on selling real estate. So, it’s always interesting to encounter some variant of the following disclaimer, usually buried near the end of the piece (or omitted altogether):  “when I was selling...
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Condo/Townhome Deal Breakers

Common Interest Community (“CIC”) Rules & Reg’s Test your knowledge of Common Interest Communities — typically associated with condo’s and town homes — and answer the following multiple choice question: Which of the following is most likely to be a deal breaker in the sale of a condo or town home? A. No fireplace —...
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