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Real Estate’s Waiting List: “The Backup Offer”

“The King Deal is Dead, Long Live the King Deal!” As expectant high school seniors (and their anxious parents) know all too well this time of year, colleges have waiting lists. But so, too, does residential real estate. They’re called “backup offers.” First in Line Such offers are increasingly popular in a Seller’s market (Pssst!!...
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Real Estate’s Hottest Color (Hint: it’s also a metal)

Do two buildings make a trend? Maybe, if they’re high enough profile. That would seem to describe both Edina Realty’s new City Lakes office, about a mile west of Minneapolis’ Uptown neighborhood, and 1800 Lake, a new luxury rental building in Uptown just northeast of Lake Calhoun. Copper cladding not only gives these buildings a...
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One-Car Garage Comeback: from anachronism to trendy?

Back to the Future Once upon a time, owning and operating a private car was expensive, and everyone — at least in big cities — used public transportation. With gas eclipsing $4 a gallon and headed higher, might we be headed back to the future? If so, all those centrally located, well-built older Twin Cities...
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Room for Kids & the Dog — But Not Clients

Shopping for a New (Leased) Car It dawned on me the other week at a showing:  me, Mr. Client, and Mrs. Client all arrived in our own cars, coming from 3 different locations — and 45 minutes later left in 3 separate cars, heading 3 different places. Energy-efficient or not, that’s how busy Buyers (and...
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