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Listing Agent Code for “Don’t Worry, We Have a Deal” (Even Though the Seller Hasn’t Signed Yet)

Good Faith Gesture:  “Sold, Subject to Inspection” As veteran Realtors (if not their clients) know all too well, it ain’t officially a deal until all parties have signed, and the Purchase Agreement and any Addenda have been delivered to the other party (actually, their agent). Lots of Buyers learn that painful truth each year when,...
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“Smart” Home, Dumb Former Owner — & New Minnesota Real Estate Form Language

“Anti-Home Hacking Clause” Added to Minnesota Purchase Agreement Scarcely a month ago, I wrote about the case of a disgruntled Minnesota home Seller who exacted their revenge on their Buyer, post-closing, by remotely hacking into the home’s Nest thermostat (the story is that they waited for the new owner to go on vacation last winter, then...
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New Tax on Real Estate Sales?

Much Ado About Nothing 3.8% With ObamaCare set to take effect the next year(?), rumors are flying in the real estate community that the new federal health care law will impose a 3.8% federal tax on the sale of all homes. Will it? The answer’s not clear at the moment. But what is clear is that...
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