November 26, 2012

Innovative Uses of White-Out

Sartorial Secrets Confessions I favor (relatively) expensive button-down shirts, so it seemed like a shame to toss an otherwise perfectly good shirt on account of a dime-sized ink stain. The solution (at least until it goes through the laundry)? A little bit of white-out.
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New Tax on Real Estate Sales?

Much Ado About Nothing 3.8% With ObamaCare set to take effect the next year(?), rumors are flying in the real estate community that the new federal health care law will impose a 3.8% federal tax on the sale of all homes. Will it? The answer’s not clear at the moment. But what is clear is that...
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Waiting on Fannie Mae

Hurry Up & Wait In a traditional sale, Buyers can usually expect to hear a response to their offer within 24 hours — ideally much faster. So, how long do would-be Buyers of Fannie Mae properties have to wait? As long as 10 days. Stale MLS Status Which is why it’s only fair to such...
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