real estate dispute

“Pre-Pon-Der . . . What?!?”

Deciphering Legalese — er, Jargon One of the many advantages associated with being a Realtor who’s also a former corporate attorney (I am) is knowing fancy legal verbiage. I mean, “nomenclature.” And not being intimidated by it. So, all a fancy term like “preponderance of the evidence” — the standard for deciding many (civil) real...
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Real Estate “Divorces”

Is Bad Behavior “Stickier” Than Good? First, a caveat:  good real estate outcomes — especially in the land of “Minnesota Nice” — are by far the rule. But, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any deals that end badly — or don’t end at all.  See, “Get Me Out of the Deal!”:  Statutory Cancellation for Beginners.”...
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