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June 29, 2012: ‘Be Nice to Your Closer’ Day

One Down, Eight to Go If you’re going to close on the purchase or sale of a home on the busiest day (today, the 29th) of the busiest month (this June) for closings in years, it helps to:  a) have a cash Buyer; and b) go first. My clients were, and they did. Start time:  9:01...
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Real Estate Title Trivia

Q:  Is a quitclaim deed executed by a divorcing spouse in favor of their ex-to-be valid before their divorce is final? A. Yes B. No C. Maybe Answer:  No Being a former corporate attorney didn’t give me a clue about answering that question (my first guess was “Yes,” followed by “Maybe”). Which is a good reason...
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“Great Closing,” Defined

“Yeah, Those Things, Too” What makes for a great closing? Warm feelings between the Buyer and Seller?  For sure. All the “professionals” — the Realtors, closers, and lender — knowing their assigned roles and discharging them well? Absolutely. But what really makes for a great closing is  . . . getting the names of not one but two new babysitting...
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