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How to Get a 6 BR/6BA Florida Condo for $75k (or Less!)

Cobbling Together a Real Estate Deal Steal “All manner of assets, from government and corporate bonds to oil and other commodities, have posted big gains since the grim days of the 2008-09 financial crisis. The rising tide has been lifted partly by the slowly recovering U.S. economy but, more important, by the monetary policy of...
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Deep Discount in South Tyrol Hills

50% Off Original Ask There may be another home in the Twin Cities that’s been on the market longer, or has been discounted more from its original asking price than this one. But if so, I’m not aware of it. Originally listed at $1.395M in September, 2007 (yes, that’s 32 months ago!), this postcard-pretty 1937...
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Deal . . or No Deal?

Submit Your Offer . . . Then Wait (and Wait)Where: 29xx Ewing Ave. South, in Minneapolis’ Sunset Gables neighborhood (just southwest of of Cedar Lake)What: 1932 Tudor with 4 BR/4BA and 3,400 FSFHow much: $425k list priceTax assessed value: $547.5kWhen: went pending 7/21/09 Yes, the Kitchen was a bit dated and the home had some...
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Price Reductions: A Realtor’s Take

Cheaper — Not Necessarily Cheap In a recession, everyone’s looking for a sale. So it stands to reason that a home that has just had a big mark-down is a deal, right? Not necessarily. Simply knowing that a home that used to be “X” is now $10,000 less — or $50,000 — really tells you...
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"Frozen in Amber" Homes

What Does Tax Assessed Value Say About Market Value? In a Buyer’s market like today’s, more and more listings announce that the home is “selling for less than tax assessed value” — sometimes substantially less. The inference is that the home is a bargain. Is it? Not necessarily. One situation where tax assessed value can...
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