real estate anecdote

“Genevieve Lane? I Don’t Know Her”

Perils of Listening With One Ear It turns out that the answer to the “Genevieve Lane” question (above) is a “Where,” not a “Who.” Full confession:  I was listening with one ear at a meeting this morning, and had to scramble to tweak my answer (I actually did know that it’s a street in Minnetonka, off...
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"Tear-downs," Cheap & Expensive

“Tear Down This Wall(paper)!?!” No, Ronald Reagan didn’t say that — a Realtor did. Earlier this week I attended a Realtor meeting in a very impressive — but cosmetically dated — home, where, after extolling the home’s many virtues, the listing agent/host asked for input. “Tear it down,” came the first agent comment. “The wallpaper,”...
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