May 8, 2010

"Tear-downs," Cheap & Expensive

“Tear Down This Wall(paper)!?!” No, Ronald Reagan didn’t say that — a Realtor did. Earlier this week I attended a Realtor meeting in a very impressive — but cosmetically dated — home, where, after extolling the home’s many virtues, the listing agent/host asked for input. “Tear it down,” came the first agent comment. “The wallpaper,”...
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Petsmart Sale? Not Exactly

Full Parking LotThe St. Louis Park Costco (just southwest of 394 and 100) and nearby stores (Home Depot, Rainbow, Office Max, etc.) seem to be a fixture in my life. So, I noticed that the parking lot in front of the nearby PetSmart was unusually full all week. The explanation? The new Panera next to...
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World’s Biggest Electric Service Panel, or . . .?

The 600(!) Amp Service Panel I’ve seen 100 Amp service panels — about the size of a bread box, recessed in a wall. I’ve also seen 200 Amp service panels, which look like stretched breadboxes. So I figured I must be looking at the mother of all service panels in the house I previewed earlier...
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