June 28, 2012

Proof That Corporations Really ARE People

News Corporation Spin-Off Maybe corporations really are people (the Supreme Court says they are). Egocentric people. Headline News.  Not. I couldn’t figure out why, practically the entire last week, The Wall Street Journal was giving (too) prominent play to minute developments in News Corporation’s spin-off plans — especially against a backdrop of truly headline news...
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“Genevieve Lane? I Don’t Know Her”

Perils of Listening With One Ear It turns out that the answer to the “Genevieve Lane” question (above) is a “Where,” not a “Who.” Full confession:  I was listening with one ear at a meeting this morning, and had to scramble to tweak my answer (I actually did know that it’s a street in Minnetonka, off...
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The NYT Casts Its Housing Vote

So, The New York Times has finally weighed in on the “Has Housing Bottomed?” debate, casting its vote on the side of the bulls. Its leading example? The Twin Cities housing market: Joe Niece, a real estate agent in the Minneapolis suburb of Eden Prairie, said he recently concluded a streak of 13 consecutive bidding...
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