Pet Peeves 2017: Media That Tell You “What You Need to [Read/See/Do] Now!”

“News You’ll Use?” Or, Useless News? Let’s make one thing clear:  unless you’re my doctor calling with test results, there’s NOTHING that “I Need to Know, RIGHT NOW!!”  🙂  Which is why I sure hope the mainstream media cools it when it comes to increasingly ubiquitous ads insistently telling viewers “what they need to [see/do/read]” ....
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America’s Past-Time . . . Ultimate Fighting?!?

Fight Night in Richfield OK, so the Twins aren’t playing in the post-season. And a Richfield Champ’s certainly isn’t a statistically valid sample. But, it does say something when 18 out of 20 TV’s there were tuned to ultimate fighting tonight, and only one to the American League championship series between the New York Yankees and Detroit...
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