Quentin Tarantino

Quentin Tarantino For Wimps

Quick!  Who What Does an Executioner Execute?** If you like Quentin Tarantino’s movies but not all the Tarantino-esque violence and gore, I’ve got an alternative:  read the screenplay instead. That’s an option for Tarantino’s latest movie, “The Hateful Eight,” because the movie was adapted from Tarantino’s earlier screenplay. At least on the page, you can...
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Movie Review: Jangly ‘Django’

Splattered Spaghetti As much as I’ve enjoyed other Quentin Tarantino films — “Pulp Fiction” immediately springs to mind — it’s hard to relax, let alone enjoy watching a film when you don’t know which man, woman, child, or horse(!) is going to get its head blown off next. Yes, horses:  there are so many equine...
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"Monster Movies," Then & Now

Cinematic Zeitgeist The last time I remember big, Hollywood movies being this dark and disturbing was the mid-’70’s. If you’re too young to remember, that was the period after Watergate but before Jimmy Carter (and his “misery index,” melding inflation and unemployment); after Vietnam (just); between the two oil shocks and resulting energy crises; and...
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