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“The Pottery Barn Rule” — Realtor Version

“What Would You Do?” “You break it, you own it.” –The Pottery Barn Rule “You make it, you own it” (translation:  if you make a decision for a client . . . you are responsible for the consequences). –Real estate corollary, Ross Kaplan Whether it’s in the context of choosing a home, negotiating a deal, resolving an inspection...
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When Do You Tell the Client?

Conduit vs. Filter One of the subtlest yet most important judgments Realtors regularly make is, “when do they tell their client about a deal development or given piece of news?” The short answer? It depends. Specifically, it depends on three things:  1) the news; 2) the client; and 3) the Realtor. So, rookie Realtors tend to act...
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“My Listing, YOUR House”

Real Estate Pronouns: ‘Yours,’ ‘Mine,’ and ‘Ours’ There are Realtors out there who, once you’ve hired them, refer to everything in the plural. As in, “our” house, “our” listing price, “our” offer, etc. Unh-uh. When the deal is done, it’s my client’s house — and their mortgage payment. I explicitly take pains not to blur the distinction...
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