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Is That Something Moving in the Edina Realty Parking Lot After Dark? Oh, Dear! (Actually, “Oh, Deer!”)

Looking For a Realtor?? If I’d been quicker on the (iPhone camera) draw, I would have gotten a photo of not one but at least three deer I saw nonchalantly walking through the Edina Realty – City Lakes parking lot the other night. Credit the abundance of local wildlife — btw, not always welcome, starting...
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Scientific — and Not So Scientific — Housing Market Metrics

“The (Realtor) Parking Lot Indicator” Yeah, yeah, I know all the official statistics that purportedly capture what the housing market’s doing at any given moment. The list includes both year-over-year and month-to-month changes in “New Listings,” “Pending Sales,” and “Closed Sales,” plus the Case-Shiller Home Price Index, NAR’s sales statistics, etc.. Here’s another, albeit less...
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Edina Realty – City Lakes’ Pumpkin Patch (at Least This Morning)

Coaches & Parking Lots @ the Stroke of 12:00 (Midnight and Noon) Cinderella’s coach turned back into a pumpkin at midnight. So, too, at 12:00 (noon) today, the Edina Realty – City Lakes parking lot will turn back into . . .  a parking lot. But, for the next few hours, it’s host to several...
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“Nobody Goes There Anymore. It’s Too Crowded”

Weekend Crush at Costco OK, so Yogi Berra wasn’t thinking about the St. Louis Park Costco when he uttered his famous line (he was actually referring to a (too) popular restaurant near the Yankees’ Spring training camp). But, the observation sure applied this am. After futilely circling the Costco parking lot for 15(?) minutes looking...
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Identifying Markers: Marine Mammals vs. Minivans, or, “The OTHER 50 Shades of Grey”

Lookalikes?  Not to Their Owners Supposedly, marine biologists can distinguish amongst very similar-looking dophins, whales, and walruses by their distinctive markings. In the same way, I can identify my family’s slate gray minivan — in a sea of near-identical gray minivans — by its distinctive pattern of dings and scuffs. Exception:  Newborns The principle even...
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“St. Louis Park, Alaska”

Snow Mountain (Parking Lot Glacier??) If you thought comparing Minnesota’s winter weather to Alaska’s was a stretch, you’d be right. Except that would be unfair . . . to Alaska — temperatures locally have been much colder this winter than most of Alaska (I don’t know about snowfall). Invidious Comparison Apparently, the same “polar vortexes”...
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