How to Raise Devout, Punctual, Rule-Abiding Children

Regression to the Mean — or Reverse Psychology? Twelve years on (the age of my oldest, of three total), I believe I have stumbled upon the secret to rearing children who are devout, punctual, and rule-abiding:  be none of those things. It will so irk your kids that they will be the opposite. Plan B: ...
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Financial vs. “Kid” Compounding

I learned what financial compounding is a LONG time ago:  in essence, it’s using money to make money. That’s why, over enough time, a small sum becomes staggeringly large. Example:  if the Indians who sold Manhattan had been able to earn 8% compound interest on the $24 they received in 1626, almost four centuries later they...
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Curing the "I Wanna’s"

“You Say Tomato, I Say To-Mah-To” My just-turned six daughter has a bad case of the “I wanna’s”: “I want to eat that kind of food” (mac ‘n cheese, not vegetables), “I want to watch this TV program,” “I want that new toy” (OK around her birthday, but not the next month). Etc., etc. So...
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