December 26, 2011

Twin Cities High Temp, Dec. 26: 52 Degrees

Minnesota:  Global Warming Winner According to scientists, which of the following are associated with global warming? A.  Drought B.  Floods C.  Tornadoes D.  All of the above. Answer:  D. According to Weather Underground found Jeff Masters, “the 2011 Mississippi and Missouri River floods were higher than any other year, the 2011 Texas drought drier than...
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Financial vs. “Kid” Compounding

I learned what financial compounding is a LONG time ago:  in essence, it’s using money to make money. That’s why, over enough time, a small sum becomes staggeringly large. Example:  if the Indians who sold Manhattan had been able to earn 8% compound interest on the $24 they received in 1626, almost four centuries later they...
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The TOO Clean Seller’s Disclosure

Just as Concerning as Too Messy The only thing worse than biting into an apple with a worm is  . . . biting into an apple with half a worm! –Saying Is there really such a thing as a too-clean Seller’s Home Disclosure (required in Minnesota and many other states)? Absolutely. Even the best-built homes...
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