Palo Alto

Quick! Which House Costs More?

Silicon Valley vs. Twin Cities Housing Prices Yeah, Yeah, California has mountains, the ocean, and a (too-nice?**) sunny, mild climate. But, it’s also got a ton of people, earthquakes, sky-high gas prices, and even crazier housing prices — at least in the heart of Silicon Valley (note: I visited my college sophomore son there recently)....
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The (Many) Virtues of Working For a Broker With a National Footprint, Great Relocation Department

Arranging Local Office Privileges Out-of-Town, or, “The Goldilocks Solution” If you’re a busy agent (I am) who has multiple social obligations (I do), it can be important, if/when you travel, to line up office privileges at a sister broker. Headed to the Bay Area for 48 hours this weekend, I spoke with Irene Wright in Edina Realty’s...
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Twin Cities Housing Market Statistics: One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Why Metro-Wide Housing Prices Are Meaningless; “A Tale of Two Cities Minneapolis Neighborhoods” “It’s not a stock market.  It’s a market of stocks.” –old saying “The housing recovery is real and sustained in the metro area, turning a buyer’s market into a seller’s market. But while some neighborhoods soar, others suffer.” –“Inside Twin Cities Housing...
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Design Flair? That, Too

Vertical Bike Stands in Downtown Palo Alto Once upon a time — like in the late ’70’s, when I was a Stanford undergrad — neighboring University Ave. definitely wasn’t seedy, but it was no one’s idea of upscale, either:  after all, the low-rent University Creamery was practically an anchor tenant (still the best chocolate shake...
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Minneapolis’ is Bigger

California Dispatches [Editor’s Note:  I’m in California for the next few days for some much-needed R&R, so my posts will have a local (vs. Minnesota) flavor.]   You’d certainly think that the Apple store on Palo Alto’s University Ave. — just down the street from Stanford, in the bosom of Silicon Valley — would boast a bigger...
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