Real Estate & the "Miley Cyrus Factor"

“30 Under 30?” How About “50 Over 50??” The overwhelming question that arises from the 82nd Annual Academy Awards goes like this: what level of respect should we accord to an industry that finds a place onstage for Miley Cyrus, but not for Lauren Bacall? Resplendent and omniscient, sat Ms. Bacall, long since blessed with...
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Oscars on Sunday Night: the REAL "Avatar" Revolution

“Avatar” and the Commoditization of Actors Quick, name an actor from “Avatar,” the world’s highest grossing movie at $2.5 billion (so far). With the exception of Sigourney Weaver, you probably can’t. While the movie reportedly cost $250 million to make (and another $150 million to market!), almost all of that went into technology, not actors’...
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