March 11, 2010

Market Activity By Price Point

If a picture is worth a thousand words, take a look at the third slide in the presentation below: Twin Cities Housing Market: Big Picture and Little Details View more presentations from JeffAllen. The takeaway? Twin Cities housing sales over the last 12 months are correlated almost 100% with price point. In other words, the...
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Real Estate & the "Miley Cyrus Factor"

“30 Under 30?” How About “50 Over 50??” The overwhelming question that arises from the 82nd Annual Academy Awards goes like this: what level of respect should we accord to an industry that finds a place onstage for Miley Cyrus, but not for Lauren Bacall? Resplendent and omniscient, sat Ms. Bacall, long since blessed with...
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Biggest Source of Housing Fraud?

Extending Buyers a Helping Hand (& Leg & Arm) (One more) pop quiz: what’s the biggest source of fraud in today’s housing market? A. Inflated appraisalsB. Seller downpayment “gifts” to their BuyersC. Borrowers falsifying data — including income –on their mortgage applicationsD. Shaky mortgages bundled into securitized debt and re-sold to investors Answer: B. Think...
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