Coming Soon(?): “The Ross Kaplan Extra Point Attempt”

“This Fourth Down Conversion Attempt Brought to You By [Your Company Name Here]” Inspired by the “Allstate Catch of the Day,” I’m going to see if the cable channel carrying the University of Minnesota football games will consider creating something called “The Ross Kaplan Extra Point Attempt” (I’m game if the price is right). If...
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Coming Soon: Year-Round Pro Football?

Coping With “NFL Withdrawal”:  T-Minus 22 Weeks Until Next Season “NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has set a goal to push annual revenues to $25 billion by 2027.” –ESPN If you want to triple revenues as Goodell aims to do, there are really only four strategies: 1. Sell more tickets (by adding franchises, building bigger stadiums, etc.);...
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Edina Realty Steals a Page From Southwest Airlines, the NFL, etc.

“Taking Back Our Content” From Third-Party Aggregators Want to book a flight on Southwest Airlines?  You won’t find Southwest’s flights for sale on Travelocity, Expedia, Orbitz, Kayak or any number of so-called third-party aggregators “serving” the travel industry. That’s because Southwest Airlines understands — correctly — that these companies are ultimately competitors, and threaten its business model....
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