The Last Wall Street Journal

Storied Paper Catches Newsweek-itis No, I’m not predicting that the venerable Wall Street Journal disappears, Cheshire cat-like. Just that the print edition — now down to a relative wisp — ceases print publication altogether. Best guess, based on its accelerating vanishing act (reminiscent of Newsweek’s painful decline): no later than the end of this year. P.S.:...
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Newsweek’s Last Print Issue: 12/31/12

Casualty:  ‘Man of the Year’ Once upon a time — make that “Time” — the man of the year selections by print weeklies Time and Newsweek actually carried some heft. Now, with the imminent demise of Newsweek’s print issue, and Time’s version likely not far behind (proposed headline:  “Time Running Out?”), it seems . ....
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“iCloudy”: Struggling With Apple’s Cloud-Based Data Storage

 At the risk of adding to an already too long list of i-puns, I’ve got one more:  “iCloudy.” In theory, Apple’s cloud-based data storage system (and successor to problem-plagued MobileMe) represents the Holy Grail of  “whenever, wherever” access to personal data. In practice, well . . . . After two weeks — and multiple trips...
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