New York Times real estate

Hey! I Know That House! (& All Its Issues)

Fern Hill Colonial Featured in NY Times Real Estate Section It’s always a shock to read a national publication and see a home you recognize — in this case, one that I’ve shown multiple clients and is literally less than a block from where I live (by Minneapolis’ Cedar Lake). As you’d expect, the home photographs...
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“What You Get For $2 Million” — Minneapolis Edition

   The New York Times’ Take on Kenwood For the second time in barely a month, The New York Times real estate section is showcasing a Minneapolis home in its ongoing, “What You Get For $____ ” feature. Besides checking out the favored house (and agent!), pictured above, it’s always interesting to hear an outsider’s...
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“What You Get for . . . $750,000,” Minneapolis Edition

“In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.” –Andy Warhol (1968) Warhol’s line about people also to applies to (some) houses. Like this Lowry Hill cottage (above) on Minneapolis’ Kenwood Parkway, showcased in “What You Get For . . . ” in the current Real Estate section of The New York Times. The five...
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