October 26, 2012

Eye-Catching Price Drop

51% Off! I’ve certainly seen price reductions of $77,900 (or more). But, I don’t recall ever seeing one for that amount (yesterday) off of a home listed for $152,900. If you’re doing the math, that’s a reduction of almost 51%(!), to a new asking price of $75,000 The home, located in South Minneapolis’ Regina neighborhood, has...
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“What You Get for . . . $750,000,” Minneapolis Edition

“In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.” –Andy Warhol (1968) Warhol’s line about people also to applies to (some) houses. Like this Lowry Hill cottage (above) on Minneapolis’ Kenwood Parkway, showcased in “What You Get For . . . ” in the current Real Estate section of The New York Times. The five...
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“Ross Capital” vs. “Ross Kaplan”

  Yes, I  suppose “Ross Capital” and “Ross Kaplan” sound alike. But, no, contrary to what one of my colleagues thought, I’m not moonlighting as an investment manager in another office down the street (above) from the Edina Realty City Lakes Office near Minneapolis’ Lake Calhoun. See also, “The Last Kaplan Standing“; “Mpls. Ross Kaplan...
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